“Even a stopped clock is right twice every day. After some years, it can boast of a long series of success.” Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

STATEMENT: Often we look at the clock and each tick or movement seems to strike. We are filled with dread each time a minute passes, or a scond is counted, or one hour turns into another. We get so bogged down by our responsibilities that we sometimes lose sight of what we are working towards and into stress mode we go.

NOTE:The passage of time is a path traversed by every living entity on earth 24/7 calculated in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries after centuries a time continuum.

AWARENESS: However, time speeds up as it moves away from earth, faster and faster it goes and to where no one really knows. Likewise the closer to earth time comes the slower and slower it gets. Could the speed of time provide us with a time schedule that is much slower so we can synchonize our internal clock to the universal beat of time. The more we are tuned in the more we align with the universal beat, this turns on the universal vibe which creates a moment in time when each person looks at the clock and for the first time ever reaches out to touch the second hand that is reaching out to touch them. The vortex created by the union of the creator of time and the end user forever will be a place where one can think of each passing moment as a blessing.

TIPS: Look back on each day and make time your friend it will yeild you many rewards.

FACT: Racing against time creates stress always worrying about being on time, or fear of being late most of the time, time management, time for this time for that. It is time to eliminate stress in your life, know this; there is plenty of time, it willl never runout.

MORE FACTS: When you try to manage time you focus on what you didn’t get done or blame ourselves for mistakes or oversights because time ran out. REALLY…..

TECHNIQUE: let time manage you, and keep your eye on the second hand and know there is more where that came from.

DON’T FORGET:We are sent here with a mission but we waste time seeking pleasure and never get around to our mission. Once we are connected to the second hand we can spend our time on our mission and pleasure will be the by-product or doing what we love. When a baby is born into this world it comes with a mission and the time on earth is to be spent fufilling that mission.

ITS EASY TO FORGET BUT:When that baby has grown old with time was the time allotted to that baby spent well. The moment the last breath of life is taken will the connection to the Second hand still be connected as it was since before birth, or disconnected and clocked out and intoxicated by the pleasures or the world without ever have given, the mission a second thought.

HERE”S THE DEAL:The passage of time is a vortex created by the connection made between the creator of time and the end user, without this connection in place at the end of eash end users time, a disconnect is created and due to internal stress the spirit is yeilded to eternal dis-stress.
A second hand never moves backwards. Spend time wisely, there is no race against time, it is only in your mind.