Every exit is an entry somewhere.” Tom Stoppard
Endings are difficult at best, especially if the ending is not of our chosing. I have always heard when one door closes another opens, while this is possibly true it is sometimes hard to muster up the energy to begin again. We need time to mourn the loss but we cant stay in mourning to long or soon we have secumned to the loss and not succeeded from it. Everyone faces the challenge of getting over a loss, and making a fresh start. We have to be resourceful enough to create new and positive options for ourselves, and stay positive and optimistic as we move forward to the other side of our loss.

Some helpful things you can do is start a “starting over” support group. Get together and talk about your changes and use the meeting as a time to cheer each other on. Keep the atmosphere of the starting over group upbeat, pleasant, add some food and inspirational music, bring tools to share with each other like positive quotes, books, helpful articles. Set up the buddy system and stay in contact between meetings.

Limbo is the space between Secumn and Succeed….
Are you in limbo..