TO live by the EGO and Jealousy in the negative sense will keep you at a level of primitiveness and will only continue your life struggle. If you continue your life by trying to get the biggest share of everything for yourself you will not progress beyond this feeling given to you by nature for the preservation of physical life. However spiritual evolvement means Human Beings become abstract from everything, here this becomes a border which separates Human Beings from Animals.

Domestic animals due to their association with humans have been influenced by their association. Because whenever a human being vibrates in a positive or negative energy field those who enter into this field (both human and domestic animal)are influenced by the same vibrations. When a persons positive vibrations are prevalent this vibration takes the positive energies of nature under the same field of influence, here you observe the good-naturedness of animals and the exuberance of flowers.

When you give, the Happiness you receive in return is also a matter of the EGO. But this spiritual satisfaction develops your EGO on the positive side. Developing the positive side of the EGO provides a person the path of spiritual evolvement by this means.

Jealousy is also a feeling.. This also,like the EGO advances your positive advancement when used in a positive way. In fact to be jealous is nothing more than the resentment of some dificiency a person see’s in themselves. When seeing a person more evolved than you, making an effort to be like that person is a jealousy felt in a positive sense. But the opposite side of jealousy is used in a negative way. The kind of person using jealously in a negative way does not make the slightest effort, but belittles those to the level they themselves can not reach and prefers to become superior in the eyes of society and humanity by stepping on the shoulders of others. This is the most negative side of Jealousy.

You cannot find this kind of a feeling in nature, even in the smallest Creature considered to be low and unimportant. Because they do everything instinctively. The main quality that separates human beings from animals is the fact that Humans are a thinking entity. If the human being who has such a chance of creation uses the EGO and Jealousy in the negative sense, this discharges that person from the class of humanity and settles that person in a place even lower than the most primative entity of nature. When humanity can rasp the EGO and jealousy into positive service spiritual evolvement will become prevalent in humanity it is then there will be Peace of Mind.

Peace begins in the mind, passes to the home, to the community, and to Peace on earth..